Saturday, February 16, 2008

WINNER - Outstanding Documentary

Ed & Vern's Rock Store receives honors for Outstanding Achievement in the Documentary Short category at this year's Almost Famous Film Festival.

"Ed & Vern's Rock Store opened the 2008 Almost Famous International Short Film Festival to rave reviews and an attentive audience. We were honored to have Chris [Leps] attend our festival and screen his extraordinary documentary on our opening night. The ‘Rock Store’ was an instant hit with the audience and they were even more appreciative of Chris' interesting and informative Q&A after the show." - Jae Staats, Director of the Almost Famous Film Festival.

"The A3F is done for filmmakers, by filmmakers, who keep the true spirit of independent filmmaking at the forefront of their festival mission. We were proud and honored to screen at the A3F and hope to be a part of its film community in the future. We are very thankful for this award.” - Christopher Leps